The Newest Cheyenne 2013

Cheyenne 2013 has a significant influence for the future Silverado is likely to be the 2003 Chevrolet Cheyenne concept pickup. Its breakthrough styling was based on past Chevy trucks that included the 1955 Cameo, 1972 C10 Cheyenne and 1988 C/K Silverado, because each of those trucks shared a “common design vocabulary that was pure in form and purpose,” according to GM. Because GM has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to redesign its full-size pickups, we asked renowned automotive illustrator Mark Stehrenberger to take a stab at what these trucks could look like when they debut around 2013.

Cheyenne 20131 The Newest Cheyenne 2013

The Next Generation of Cheyenne 2013

A few weeks back, Cheyenne 2013 showed the next-gen GMC Sierra 1500 half-ton. This time, it’s the 2013 chevy silverado. We’ve also heard buzz about a new production vehicle that might shape the Silverado’s skin: the Chevrolet Camaro. The Camaro combines retro styling with aggressive modern cues to create a unique shape in that long-running sports car’s heritage. So, with both the Cheyenne and Camaro in mind, here’s a potential styling direction the 2013 chevy silverado could take that makes it more aggressive than today’s truck while carrying forward traditional Chevy truck DNA.We’re told by sources that the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500  will look significantly more different from GMC Sierra than it does today.

Cheyenne 20132 The Newest Cheyenne 2013

Cheyenne 20133 The Newest Cheyenne 2013

The Powertrain Improvements of Cheyenne 2013

Cheyenne 2013, Powertrain improvements of 2013 Silverado are expected to include wide use of direct injection across the Silverado’s engine lineup, including, we’re told, a (maybe 7.0-liter?) new large-displacement V-8 gas engine. GM’s next-generation full-size hybrid technology will also arrive by 2013, with stronger, more efficient electric motors and batteries, giving the gas-electric trucks up to 50 percent better towing capacity. That’s all information about Cheyenne 2013.

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